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When we’re not busy making podcasts, we’re writing books.

Sarah Beth Hunt’s novel, The Boatman

Do you ever dream of a life extraordinary? Born on an isolated island surrounded by a vast sea, Isla spends her childhood staring out to the horizon and dreaming of adventure. Only her best friend Tomas, son of the lighthouse keeper, understands Isla’s longing to find the Greater Meaning of her life. When a mysterious boatman arrives on the island, Isla’s young heart is swept up in the unmistakable tides of destiny, and at the threshold of adulthood, Isla at last crosses the great sea in search of adventure and purpose on the mainland. The Boatman is a bridge between worlds — a powerful mainland where ‘More is Better, New is Best’, and a small island which recognises the power of having ‘Enough’. It is the story of the winding path of Isla’s destiny, which ultimately forces her to make a choice between the island and the mainland, and between the man that has come to define her mainland life, and Tomas, the island boy she left behind. It is the story of all those who have dreamed of taking that other path and searching for the deeper meaning of their lives. Where will The Boatman take you? Begin the journey with this first story in The Boatman Series.

Clay Lowe’s collection of micro-stories,  A Thousand Bullets Gone Astray

In A Thousand Bullets Gone Astray the reader comes face to face with a variety of characters in confrontation with the malaise of modern life: the middle-aged man who realizes he has sacrificed his passion for practicality; the young lady who longs to walk through fields in bare feet; the couple who have forgotten how to be romantic and let the space between their pillow divide them; the soldier who crunches ice in the dark. Lowe introduces us to these characters through a poetic artistry that provides clarity and a shocking resonance with our common experience.