Episode 92: That which you are seeking is causing you to seek

”If we didn’t already know the experience of what we’re looking for, we would never look. It simply would not occur to us.”  So writes Cheri Huber in the intro of her book That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You To Seek. In it, Huber writes from the Zen perspective about our search for wholeness and our mistaken belief that we are separate and alone.

This week, Clay and Sarah discuss the experience of ‘Seeking’, interrogate the idea of Ego and wonder what we are actually looking for…

Join us for another interesting discussion on:

* why we go on such spiritual quests

* whether we know what we’re looking for

* the Ego

* the difference between Acceptance and Defeat, between Action and Control


“I have lost my favourite teacup,” Huber writes. “I have two choices. I can have lost my teacup and be miserable. I can have lost my teacup and be all right.  In either case, the teacup in gone.”