Episode 87: Synchronicity & the Interconnectedness of Things

Have you ever thought about an old friend you haven’t seen in years and then bumped into them shortly after? Have you ever known something you couldn’t have known — that someone in your family had been hurt or had died? Have you ever been recommended the same book by several different people that came at just the right time to answer a big life question?

We call these events Coincidences.  But Carl Jung called them something else…examples of Synchronicity, and the result of the Interconnectedness of Things.

This week Clay and Sarah discuss Synchronicity, our interconnection and how this impacts our lives.


In this episode:

* Sarah & Clay’s personal experiences of synchronicity

* Jung’s definition of Sychronicity

* skeptics

* relation to paranormal experiences

* comparison between sychronicity and karma

* The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield in relation to sychronicity


Sychronicity can be loosely defined as “meaningful coincidences”.  There are events, Jung claimed, that are linked by meaning, not cause.

These events may have meaning on a individual level but would not mean something for everyone.  For instance, Jung worked with a woman who saw a flock of birds land outside her window each time there was a death in the family.  Mark Vernon has written an interesting article on Jung’s concept of sychrononicty in relation to the patients he worked with.

Many people have experiences these kinds of events…times when something very meaningful has happened, seemingly by chance, but was incredibly unlikely to happen.  These events feel deeply meaningful, as if there is more to it than simple coincidence.

For instance, many people have had experiences of knowing — through dreams or intuition — that a loved one has died before anyone told them.

Synchronicity hints at an underlying mystery to life.  That we are interconnected in ways not readily apparent.  And while skeptics might argue that there is not scientific or objective way to determine whether synchronicity is valid or not, this not make it untrue.

The novel The Celestine Prophesy, which tells of an ancient manuscript that gives nine insights into the meaning of life, begins with the concept of synchronicity.  Someone explains to the main character that “the first insight occurs when we become conscious of the coincidences in our lives.”  These coincidences happen more frequently, beyond what would be expected by pure chance, and feel destined.  They induce a feeling of mystery and excitement.

And, the novel claims, it is this experience of “meaningful coincidences” that lead us to reconsider the inherent mystery that surrounds our individual lives on this planet.

What do you think? Have you had moments of synchronicity in your life? Occurrences that have no causal link but are so meaningful they seem more than pure chance?