Episode 81: The Wheel of Life


What would a pie chart of your life priorities look like? If we consider all the various aspects of our lives from health and career to our social lives, relationships, personal development and finances, what does our individual Wheel of Life look like?

As we approach the New Year, we are full steam ahead at the Havana Cafe thinking about 2018 and our New Year’s Resolutions.

But in order to figure out our goals for 2018, we first need to consider our overall priorities and values.  We need to map out our Wheel of Life and then consider whether this matches up with the way we actually spend our time, money and other resources. Then we’ll know what we want to focus on and what we want to change!

This week Clay and Sarah chat about the Wheel of Life, often used in coaching and personal development sessions to draw out their own priorities.

In this episode:

  • what is the Wheel of Life?
  • areas: Health, Career, Relationships, Money, Personal Development, Social, Spiritual
  • OR: Career, Finances, Health, Family & Friends, Romance, Personal Growth, Fun & Recreation, Physical Environment
  • Clay’s Wheel of Life and how he’ll use it to create his 2018 intentions
  • Sarah’s Wheel of Life and thoughts about where I’ll focus my energy next year


Hope you enjoy the conversation and find it useful for your own contemplation this week!

S & C