Episode 80: Moving the body to change the mind

Movement — We’re all encouraged to exercise, to get in our 10,000 steps, to use standing desks, take walks at lunch.  We focus on the way movement impacts our health, or our weight.  But rarely do we focus on the way movement can shift our mindset, our mood, our thought-process.  And yet moving the body is often the easiest way to get ourselves out of a mental rut and ‘clear our heads’.

This week Clay and Sarah discuss how moving the body can impact our mindset.


In this episode:

* Clay’s intention of more ‘Movement’ in 2017 — why he set this intention, what he did differently this past year and what impact he’s seen on his mindset

* Movement as an alternative attitude to the body than exercise

* spiritual aspects of movement and Clay’s experience climbing mountains

* NLP’s interpretation on the mind-body connection

* The many ‘bodies’ of Yoga theory – Mind & Body in Yoga


This was a fun discussion where we get personal about how movement actually impacts our lives beyond the scope of physical health. Hope you’ll listen in!