Episode 79: Is Contemplation the path to happiness?

Aristotle claimed that Contemplation is the highest form of happiness. Yet as he himself admits, there is a dispute about what happiness means and how to achieve it. Some seek happiness through pleasure, some through active service or work, and some through contemplation and the search for wisdom. Was Aristotle right?

This week Clay and Sarah discuss the importance of Contemplation to finding lasting happiness.


In this episode:

* Artistotle’s claim in Nicomachean Ethics that contemplation leads to happiness

* Aristotle’s distinction between intermediate aims and the highest aim of life (i.e. happiness)

* Clay & Sarah’s reflections on the role of Contemplation in their lives

* Aristotle’s categorisation of three types of lives (in which we pursue happiness)



”We are looking for a kind of happiness which a person can gain for himself and which cannot easily be taken from him.”

Aristotle’s reflections on the ultimate aim of our lives, namely to find lasting Happiness, were interesting to read in today’s world where this search for happiness continues to be our life quest, but where Contemplation is increasing rare.

Contemplation — it is the main aim of the Havana Cafe Sesssions Podcast. To give Clay and I and all of you a moment in the week to step back and think about yourself and the world in which we all live.

And now there is ANOTHER chance to bring contemplation into your life!  The 30 Day Contemplation Challenge will give you short questions & thought experiments to reflect on — straight to your inbox from 1 January 2018. By the end of the 30 days you will emerge with a greater sense of self and a new perspective on what’s important in your life.

Make more Contemplation your first New Year’s Resolution for 2018!