Episode 62: Navigating our own spiritual paths (part 2)

We seek spiritual paths to remind us who we truly are. If we don’t nurture our spiritual selves we stand in danger of losing ourselves. And, indeed, we can even get lost in spirituality if we allow ourselves to identify ourselves with a single ‘right’ system that moves experiential knowledge into the realms of passive belief.

This week Clay and Sarah continue their discussion of walking our individual spiritual paths.


In this episode we discuss:

* Clay’s experience trying to balance body/mind/spirit

* what inspired Sarah about Vedanta philosophy which claims that individual spirit (atman) and divine (Brahman) are One.

* what are we actually looking for if our spiritual life?

* Clay’s exploration of western philosophers and ‘the white room’

* finding a spiritual tradition that ‘speaks our language’

* the world of Buddhism


We both had a great time with this double- episode. Hope you enjoy listening.  Remember that you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — come tell us what you think and what spiritual traditions have most influenced you (and why!).