Episode 110: Wayfinding

There are many metaphors for the life journey.  And the way you imagine your life journey can shape how you approach life itself.

Whether you see life as a maze where you can get lost, a labyrinth where one is never truly lost but always where you are meant to be.  Whether you believe Rumi who said ‘What you seek is seeking you’, or whether you believe like many of the existentialists that we are wandering aimlessly in an uncaring universe…

This week on the podcast we look at the concept of Wayfinding, a method of determining one’s present location and then navigating towards a destination, even if the destination is imprecisely known.


In this episode:

  • What is Wayfinding?
  • Orientation – determining your current location (getting real about where you are)
  • Route Decision – figuring out where you want to go (applying this to both smaller goals and life journey)
  • Route Monitoring – checking you are on the right path as you go
  • Destination Recognition – acknowledging when you get there
  • Dead-Reckoning – guess-amation (you only know where you are now but remembering how you got there)


Wayfinding as a method of navigation comes from the Polynesian culture which spanned over tens of thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean.  “In focused solitude with a small crew, the wayfinder relies on living observations of the stars, the sun, the ocean swells and other signs of nature for clues to direction and location.” In traditional understanding, the canoe is still and it is the island that comes out of the sea to greet the canoe. The art is to conjure up the next island from a vision that is sustained throughout the journey.

This seems a great method for navigating towards many of our goals, bringing the emotional and spiritual elements into logical processes, and integrating the ‘map’ internally.  Wayfinding teaching you to stay in touch with your inner guidance on three fundamental questions: What matters now? What is emerging? What’s my next step? The answers to these will continually guide your direction in life and will bring you a sense of flow.