Episode 107: The Poetics of Space

”All really inhabited space bears the essence of the notion of home,” says Gaston Bachelard in his book The Poetics of Space. This raises the often-missed emotional qualities that spaces hold in our lives, and which sits alongside the space itself, what ‘stuff’ it holds and even what ‘empty’ space it contains.

This week we wax a bit lyrical about the poetics of space, the possibilities of feng shui, and what it means to ‘hold space’ for oneself and others.
In this episode:

* what is a home

* our personal reflections on our homes & emotional relationships to spaces

* how places outside the physical house become part of our extended ‘home’

* aspects of spaces – shape, contents, emptiness, memories, light & air

* the qualities of ‘negative’ or empty space

* what it means to hold space for others