Episode 104: Rediscovering the Wild

“The world, with the exception of a tiny bit of human intervention, is ultimately a wild place,” writes Gary Snyder in his book The Practice of the Wild.  Associated with words like untamed, uncultured, uncivilised, violent, destructive, unruly, the word ‘wild’ has a bad rap —so often defined by what it is not, that it becomes difficult to know what it is.  However, the wild is all around us. It is the ferocious orderliness of the world. It is inside of us breathing, digesting and sometimes creating new life.

Even self-realisation or enlightenment can be seen as an aspect of our wildness, the “bonding of the wild in ourselves to the wild process of the universe.”  Or as Emerson expressed in his essay Nature, “each individual is a manifestation of creation and as such holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.  Nature, too, is both an expression of the divine and a means of understanding it.”

This week Clay and Sarah reach for their cups of coffee and contemplate how and why we might rediscover the wild.

In this episode:

  • the meaning of the words nature, wild, wilderness
  • our inner wild nature
  • living with the ‘sharp knife’s edge’ of life
  • our need to seek out wilderness and adventure
  • the role of our genes and heredity to our nature
  • Emerson’s essay Nature  and the role nature plays in our spiritual lives & as the source of our existential questions