#137: Can women really do it all?

In this episode, we’re joined by Aimee Mann of CEO of Your Special Needs Family Podcast to explore the question, can women do it all?

#136: Does manifestation, like in the Law of Attraction, really work?

In this episode, Sarah asks the question does manifestation, like in The Law of Attraction really work?

135: Biohacking your way to a longer life

In this episode, we explore biohacking coffee to extend life and answer the question of how to live through learning how to die.

#134: Creativity and Being Who You Are

How do you nurture an idea from its initial conception to fully realizing it into the world?

#133: What We Learned from Star Wars

In this episode, we use the Star Wars saga as a lens to explore some major life themes. Also, Clay has a massive mind-shift. Read More

#132: On the Road to Santiago

In this episode, Clay and Sarah share their individual experiences of walking the Road to Santiago. Read More

#129: 6 Impactful Books That Will Shift Your Mind

In this episode, Clay and Sarah share 3 books each that have influenced their lives in a major way. As Clay describes it, “Books that punch you in the face.” Read More

#128: Let’s Get To Work

In this episode, we explore the idea of work. Read More

#127: Hiking With Nietzsche

In this episode, we explore the philosophical idea of becoming who you are using John Kaag’s book, Hiking with Nietzche as the backdrop to our conversation over coffee this week. Read More

#126: The Body-Mind Connection

In this episode, we discuss how you can use the body to explore your emotions and your thoughts. Read More

#125: Cult of Personality

In this episode, we discuss the cult of personality and the compulsion for everyone to be famous.

#124: The 7 Types of Love

As you gear up for Valentine’s Day this week, consider this: romantic love is a modern construct that emerged in tandem with the novel. The idea of romantic love, as we know it today, came on the scene in tandem with In Madame Bovary (1856).

That’s one type of love. As it turns out, love has many levels. In this week’s episode, we explore the 7 types of love. Read More

#122: It’s not just an adventure; it’s a state of mind

In this episode, we explore the value of adventure and how adventure enhances your overall well-being. Read More

#121: The Art of Ageing

In this week’s episode, we explore the process of growing older and how to face up to the inevitable march of time. Read More

#120: Celebrating Imperfection

In this episode, we explore the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection. Read More

#119 Curiosity

In this week’s episode, we explore the power of curiosity. Read More

#118 Tip of the Iceberg

In this episode, we explore a couple of useful models for identifying and changing behaviors. Read More

#117 Reflections and Intentions

In this episode, we share our intention setting process for getting ready for the New Year to ensure we’re set up to have a fantastic year of achievement. Read More

#116: Life is but a dream…

In this episode, we explore how our minds play with reality. Read More

#115 Time and Attention

In this episode, we explore the 5 literacies you need to survive in the 21st century. In part II we explore our relationship to time. Read More

#114: Find your freedom

This week we explore the give and take of freedom. Are we really free and is the freedom we do have, balanced? Read More

#113: Effortless effort

This week we found ourselves wondering if it’s important to try or if it is better to let go and just go with the flow. To help us explore this, we delve into the Taoist concept of Wu Wei. Read More

#112: We were on a break!

This week’s conversation at the Havana Cafe centers around intentionality and our continuing pursuit of happiness.

Hi, it’s Clay and Sarah  — We’re back in action this week at the Havana Cafe drinking coffee and discussing where life has taken us on our quest to find wisdom in the messy realities of life.


Episode 111: How attached are you to your things?

In this episode, we explore the attachment we have to things and how those things sometimes demand too much of us.