Month: June 2019

How to be more resilient and bounce back from bullying

This week, we’re headed to the studio on Sunday to speak with the wonderful Viki Dean.

Viki is a mum to two growing boys, Alfie and Charlie. Balancing a career in Risk, traveling, and keeping fit, Viki is passionate about self-development and being a great role model for her boys, often working through challenges together.

One of the things Viki is passionate about is turning challenges into a positive learning experience. In episode 138, we’ll be chatting about how to be resilient and bounce back from bullying.

I’m really looking forward to this conversation. I’m a pretty calm guy by nature, but I lose my cool quickly when I see someone being bullied. I better stop there, I can already feel my blood boiling just thinking about bullying!

To sustain you until Monday…

Here are 5 things we thought you might like:

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  5. Forgiveness: An Important Aspect of Flourishing

Have a blessed day!

And may all of your conversations enlighten your soul,

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