In this episode, we use the Star Wars saga as a lens to explore some major life themes. Also, Clay has a massive mind-shift.

[0:55] Sarah reflects about the way stories of Epic Journey’s affect our lives

[2:40] Clay talks about our lack of ‘rites of passage’ these days that used to mark the journey of our lives

[7:52] All this to say – we’re going to talk about Star Wars!

[10:00] Sarah thinks that the most recent films have made us rethink our conception of ‘the Force’ & introduces new ideas that were not there in the earlier films

[11:05] Clay asks whether the Jedi are really good guys or are they also just after power?

[14:30] Clay has a paradigm shift about Free Will vs Destiny after contemplating Star Wars this week

[19:50] Holy Moly Clay gets deep with his realisation – Free Will looks like Destiny if you have an observing Force that is outside of Time…

[21:36] Destiny…Anakin actually does fulfil his destiny and restore balance to the Force, just not in the way the Jedi expected

[23:00] Sarah’s discussion about how the Force is a conception of ‘spirit’ that works for her

[24:20] Sarah explains why she was disappointed with The Last Jedi at first…and now has changed her mind

[27:10] Sarah & Clay talk about binaries good/bad and how one creates the other

[30:40] Sarah asks whether the Force is something one must be trained to wield, and if so how can Ray suddenly use the Force without this training

[33:40] Clay talks about how thinking about the Flow State has shifted his perspective on spirituality

[36:15] Sarah talks about the ordinary world vs the non-ordinary world and how this might relate to the Force

[39:30] Clay reflects that nothing exists outside the mind & how training is really just ritual to unwrap the stuff you’ve learned

[42:15] Sarah argues that our choices in the ‘ordinary world’ matter

[48:30] Sarah & Clay talk about the power of certain story-lines — in this case, all characters on the ‘team’ doing their small part that finally come together, such as in Rogue One.

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