In this episode, Clay and Sarah share their individual experiences of walking the Road to Santiago.

[0:40]Sarah talks about just coming back from ten days on the Camino de Santiago

[1:40]Clay talks about the history of the Camino

[3:20]Clay discusses how he walked the Camino at a low point in his life when lots of things felt like obstacles

[7:40]Sarah reflect on the expectations we bring to adventures like this

[9:35]Clay talks about his experience meeting other pilgrims on the trail

[12:30]Sarah talks about her experience on the Portuguese route of the Camino — where she stayed, what it was like, and why she went in the first place

[18:20]Sarah talks about the importance of transition moments in our lives…Why the Camino? “I turned 40 and I needed to think”

[20:50]Clay talks about the first few days of the walk and what happened after that…

[24:18]Sarah discusses the importance of the greeting “Buen Camino”

[28:05]Sarah talks about what happened for her after Day 3

[30:20]The metaphor of “the pack” and what we are carrying in our lives

[32:25]Clay talks about his big epiphany on the Camino

[39:20]Sarah talks about the importance of giving yourself space as the basis for letting stuff from your subconscious and intuition to come in

[42:00]Clay talks about another survival race he participated in

[47:05]The thing that most surprised Sarah about the journey on the Camino

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