In this episode, we explore the idea of work.

[:40] Clay’s weekly update — is it good to be busy?

[8:05] We’re talking about work today & how our kids decide what they want to do with their life with such little life experience

[9:30] Sarah comments how “our work story” is a huge part of our life story

[10:30] Sarah remembers reading Jean Liedloff’s Continuum Concept where the tribe she lived with didn’t have a word for ‘work’…they had words for specific activities but not for ‘work’

[13:25] Clay reads about how the ancient Greeks thought about the importance of work

[15:30] Sarah wonders what people’s mentality about work was when you did the same work as your family

[16:43] Sarah talks about the biggest issue with work in our modern world

[20:25] Sarah thinks about Thoreau, EF Schumacher and what is required in overall life from a career

[23:12] Clay wonders about the model of work as duty, as a means of providing for a family and wasn’t meant to be pleasurable

[24:11] Clay and Sarah debate how much work culture is a choice

[31:10] Clay reads from Thomas Carlyle – work is your purpose and your meaning

[35:10] Sarah wants to detach the idea of ‘work’ from ‘money’ and her personal experience of motherhood and all the work that isn’t part of the money economy

[40:20] Sarah talks about what our choices are inside the demands of our job

[41:27] Sarah and Clay discuss how our work also influences who we are becoming

[42:50] Clay had a realisation that what he did for work wasn’t who he was

[47:30] Clay remembers during a trip to Spain where a woman claimed knowing about what your friends did for work wasn’t part of the culture

[52:40] People more often don’t leave the job, they leave the boss

[53:30]Sarah talks about her personal experience and why she left an academic career

 [100:13] Clay’s colonial once told him ‘you don’t have to like it, you just have to love it!’

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