In this episode, we explore the philosophical idea of becoming who you are using John Kaag’s book, Hiking with Nietzche as the backdrop to our conversation over coffee this week.

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[0:20] Clay talks about his morning walk and how it fits into his creative life

[3:50] Clay quotes Nietzsche — “Do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement”

[5:45] Clay explains why he’s been reading Hiking with Nietzsche: becoming who you are by John Kaag

[6:30] Sarah and Clay discuss the stages of Nietzsche’s thought

[9:30] Sarah really likes how Nietzsche’s philosophy derives from his life experiences

[14:35] Sarah talks about why she doesn’t like Nietzsche’s philosophy

[17:15] Clay hates rules that society imposes & connects with Nietzsche on this sense of alienation from modern life

[21:15] Clay asks the question of the Eternal Return — would you be happy to live this moment again and again?


Sarah admires Nietzsche’s courage to admit he doesn’t “fit in”. It inspires you to have the courage to find a life that feels right to you, even against the ‘norms’

[30:30] Sarah wondering about different cultures that have more flexibility for ‘renunciation’ from society

[33:30] Clay reflects on the ways ‘madness’ is a release from societal norms & the philosopher who intentionally contracted syphilis to induce madness in the hopes of going beyond the confines of the habituated mind

[36:45] Clay explains his personal connection with Nietzsche’s ideas — outliers and alienation

[38:25] Sarah talks about Nietzsche’s quote — “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”

[49:20] Clay circles back to the personal and asks ‘how do you become who you are?’ How do you reconcile the need to live in a society with an internal sense of alienation?

 [51:00] How many weekends does Clay have left in his life?

[52:45] Sarah wonders how Nietzsche’s thoughts on alienation are about our modern working life

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