In this episode, we discuss how you can use the body to explore your emotions and your thoughts.

(clickable timestamps)

[2:20] Sarah talks about her new system for staying on track

[6:40] It’s March…Clay asks how you all are getting on with your New Year’s goals so far…

[7:20] Sarah’s thoughts this week about our mental, emotional and physical selves

[8:20] Sarah has been reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk about how trauma is stored in the physical body

[9:55] Clay’s experience during coaching of how thoughts connect to the physical body

[11:09] Sarah talks about how in yoga and Buddhist thought, there is no separate word for ‘emotion’…emotions are considered part of “mind” (called Citta)

[11:50] Clay wonders how this maps onto our rational and irrational thoughts

[14:30] What comes first — the thought or the emotion?

[19:45] Clay lists the six “official” emotions

[20:15] Sarah reflects that Buddhist has a different categorization of thoughts/emotions — things that cause us to move towards vs. things that cause us to move away from

[26:00] Sarah talks about how meditation approaches thoughts and emotions by returning to bodily sensation

[29:40] Clay discusses how military drills aim to create body wisdom

[33:45] Sarah talks about films and how we can experience emotions in a detached way

[36:45] Sarah wonders about the boundary between thoughts, emotions and our physical sensations

[37:30] Clay talks about how powerful visualizations can be to create positive emotional and mental states

[42:00] Sarah remembers a previous podcast discussion about the “quiet voice” of doubt

[44:50] Sarah adds the ‘energetic body’ into the mix

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