As you gear up for Valentine’s Day this week, consider this: romantic love is a modern construct that emerged in tandem with the novel. The idea of romantic love, as we know it today, came on the scene in tandem with In Madame Bovary (1856).

That’s one type of love. As it turns out, love has many levels. In this week’s episode, we explore the 7 types of love.

[0:35] It’s V-day and Clay has discovered that the idea of romantic love is a modern concept

[2:30] Clay discusses The Red Queen and the biology of love

[5:40] Clay describes his ‘lightbulb moments’ of the week

[10:30] Clay asks — what is love?

[11:30] “I see you.” Sarah wonders if this is the ultimate determination of love

[14:05] Clay lists the seven types of love

[16:20] Clay asks whether we focus too much on Eros, or romantic love

[18:30] Sarah and Clay reflect on love in friendship

[22:22] Sarah wonders how our love towards our family is different than our love of friends

[28:12] Clay reflects on how social media has changed our friendships

[34:50] The importance of self-love as an aspect of love

[35:50] Sarah talks about a Buddhist take on universal love and how we can love people we don’t really like…

[38:20] Sarah wonders about love in an unequal relationship such as between parents and children

[39:45] Sarah asks about the connection between love and our actions towards people – how can we love and still have boundaries in our relationships?

[43:00] Sarah & Clay talk about how we express love through our actions

[46:40] Tara Brach’s three conditions for loving

[49:20] Sarah wonders what you do when there is unconditional love from one side of a relationship and not from the other?

[51:30] Clay and Sarah discuss the idea of “tough love”

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