In this episode, we explore the value of adventure and how adventure enhances your overall well-being.

[0:25] Why does Clay drink so much coffee?

[1:35] Sarah answer this question with another question from the latest episode of Akimbo — why did the chicken cross the road…here’s Seth Godin’s answer

[3:15] Sarah has been having fun with her side writer project…making purple tea

[5:10] Clay’s been thinking about Adventure again

[5:40] Sarah asks if Adventure is the opposite of Boredom?

[7:15] Why is Adventure one of Clay’s big value words

[9:10] Clay reflects on how adventure became so important to him as a kid (My Side of the Mountain)

[16:15] Sarah asks what place Adventure holds for Clay now

[17:40] Clay talks about how adventure creates bonds between people

[18:05] Sarah reflects on her travel adventures and what you end up learning about yourself in foreign environments

[22:20] Clay talks about the story Into the Wild

[25:40] Sarah circles back to the Hero’s Journey and the role of the wise elder who gives the adventurer knowledge and tools s/he will need on the journey

[28:15] Sarah asks — what is adventure?

[28:45] Clay talks about a book by Colin Mortlock The Adventure Alternative & the four kinds of adventure

[31:30] Clay emphasises importance of self-reliance during adventure

[35:45] Clay talks about how certain experiences in adventure reveal unknown aspects of your character

[38:50] The joy and elation of Adventure — completing a challenge

[39:30] Sarah talks about parenting and watching kids have adventures

[41:10] Clay discusses Jeff Salz’s book The Way of Adventure — adventure is an inner game

[44:40] How to bring adventure into your daily life

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