In this week’s episode, we explore the process of growing older and how to face up to the inevitable march of time.

[2:35] Sarah kicks off the conversation with a quote from Adam Ford’s Galileo & The Art of Ageing Mindfully

[4:45] What is the experience of coming to terms with our aging selves?

[5:45] Clay tries to remember he’s not the same age as some of the guys in the gym

 [7:50] “I’m reading some books I wrote in my youth & discovering all sorts of things I never knew I knew.”

[11:05] Clay asks how we could switch gears & grow old gracefully or mindfully

[11:25] Adam Ford’s book raises the possibility that while age takes some things away from us, it also comes with unexpected compensations…

[13:07] At some point you have your existential crisis, says Clay

[14:55] Sarah talks about how aging can be an invitation to let go of things that weigh us down

[17:45] Clay talks about attachment to our physical body, physical performance, and aging

[19:10] Clay wonders whether youth is wasted on the young

[22:35] How our love of looking up at the night sky can help us age mindfully.

[] Clay comments on our value of youth culture in western society

[30:05] We discuss how we can get stuck in a certain mindset because of our age.

[31:15] Clay shares the lyrics from Pink Floyd’s song “Time”

[34:45] Sarah talks about how we are made up of the same stuff as the stars — “life on earth is, in essence, a recycling process”

[36:05] Sarah & Clay discuss whether they would want to be immortal

[37:58] Sarah butchers Hamlet’s soliloquy “When we have shuffled off this mortal coil”

[41:40] Clay asks Sarah how she’s feeling about the upcoming 4-0

[43:40] Clay talks about how sometimes everything starts to feel like a different version of the same thing you’ve already done

[49:30] Sarah wonders if aging mindfully means focusing on the things we acquire with age, rather than the things we’re losing…

[51:00] Sarah ends with a quote about the night sky

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