In this episode, we explore the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, the art of imperfection.

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[0:25] Our home town has more coffee shops per capita than…

[1:35] Catching up…Clay’s been traveling and Sarah’s back to work at last

[4:25] Heading out to Japan in our minds…and finding Wabi-Sabi

[6:45] Clay comments on our drive for Perfection and we discuss where it might come from?

[10:05] Wabi-Sabi and the ideal of imperfection (here’s a great short video)

[10:55] Clay remembers Shelley’s poem Ozimandias & reverence to the temporary

[12:02] Sarah explores definitions of wabi-sabi

[14:35] Can the value of authenticity help us combat our perfectionist streaks?

[17:28] Wabi – the bittersweet melancholy of being alone, Sabi…

[18:40] What’s the difference between striving to do our best & trying to be perfect?

[21:37] Sarah wonders whether you can even be authentic if you’re striving for perfection

[23:45] Clay asks what “perfect” means

[25:22] Sarah describes why she loves Seth Godin’s podcast episode “Shun the Nonbelievers”

[31:30] Sarah reads her favourite quote from The Unknown Craftsman by Soetsu Yang

[33:20] How Clay applies wabi-sabi to drawing

[37:00] Sarah wonders whether it is easier to start by applying wabi-sabi to external things first if it feels difficult to embrace our own imperfections

[42:20] Clay’s wabi-sabi carpentry company

[43:00] Sarah discusses how we can do wabi-sabi yoga

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