In this week’s episode, we explore the power of curiosity.

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[:10] Welcome to Season 4 of the Podcast…and the return to normalcy

[4:15] Clay’s efforts to learn something everyday…sign up for his daily newsletter, it’s awesome!

[4:30] Curiosity killed the cat, but Satisfaction brought him back

[5:15] Clay talks about how reading this ancient Greek philospher(ess) inspired him in the Art of Paying Attention

[7:40] Why Clay has decided Curiosity is one of his Core Values

[9:40] Clay discusses how to use Curiosity to explore the meaning of the objects that surround us

[11:35] Questing and Questioning are both ways to step out into the Unknown

[12:45] Clay talks about the skill of ‘Unlearning’ as key to curiosity and knowledge

[14:07] Sarah wonders why we lose enthusiasm for Curiosity as we get older

[17:35] What influence did education have on our Curiosity?

[22:15] Sarah discusses the role of curiosity in her job

[23:30] Clay considers the pathways of curiosity — self, others, world

[23:55] Sarah & Clay speculate about our hesitation to be curious about ourselves

[27:10] Clay talks about the value of being curious about Others, who they are & what drives them

[29:45] Prisoners of Geography — Clay talks curiosity about the world

[31:00] Sarah wonders how our binary (right/wrong, good/bad) thinking get in the way of Openness & Curiosity

[33:20] Clay read an article about how Curiosity is a business essential

[35:40] Sarah talks about how we can use Curiosity to fight fear

[39:10] De Bono’s six thinking hats — curiosity is a stage in the thinking process

[41:20] Clay has some Challenges for us to promote Curiosity!

[44:25] Sarah adds a way to practice curiosity towards ourselves

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