In this episode, we explore a couple of useful models for identifying and changing behaviors.

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[0:50] Christmas has come & Sarah has two new robots in the house

[1:40] Sarah’s Boxing Day tradition — box up stuff and throw it away!

[4:22] Clay announcing his new side-project for 2019 (there is hot sauce involved!)

[6:27] Clay describes two models for how to change behaviour

[6:35] Sarah talks about how setting New Year’s Resolutions is the easy bit, but we also need follow-through!

[6:43] Clay’s thoughts on why we get stuck with some of the same resolutions every year

[7:45] How core values influence our behaviour

[8:20] Clay talks about how to use the Iceberg model to shift behaviours & get ‘unstuck’

[11:18] What does Sarah always get stuck on? We work through the Iceberg model…

[16:20] Clay gives an example of how he is using the Iceberg model to change his own behaviour

[19:50] Using What, Why, How questions to get unstuck

[21:48] The Mind-filtering model for behaviour change

[22:39] Deleting information, storing information or making generalisations — Clay explains what we do with the information we take in & why that matters for changing our habits and behaviours

[25:20] Clay discusses how we use these models to examine our individual approaches to behaviour and why one-size-fits-all models aren’t as effective

[31:10] We discuss New Year’s Eve — it’s games night at Clay’s

**A special shout out to Dave who bought us coffee’s for today’s podcast **

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