In this episode, we share our intention setting process for getting ready for the New Year to ensure we’re set up to have a fantastic year of achievement.

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[0:15] Clay explains why he’s suddenly 10x smarter

[2:03] Is Clay going to continue his usual New Year’s tradition of 3 focus words?

[3:15] Why December is the perfect time for making your New Year plans

[4:15] Clay explains the tool he’s using to think about where to focus in 2019

[6:50] Sarah talks about reassessing how she’s spending her time (and if you want more on this head to the backlist Episode 20: The Quantified Self)

[11:05] Clay goes back to his journals from the year & asks…What did I intend to do? What did I do? How did I spend my time?

[12:20] Sarah’s reflections on the prairie dog — her “animal for the year” that represents Retreat

[15:10] Clay reflects back on his 2018 focus words and intentions

[18:20] How do we reflect on our New Year’s intentions? Clay talks about his process.

[20:50] The surprising activity Clay does when he’s getting close to deciding on his 2019 focus words

[23:10] Sarah discusses why she re-assesses goals for the New Year in ‘life categories’

[23:40] Using the Wheel of Life to inspire your goals for 2019

[25:50] Sarah considers how ‘tweaking’ things can be more effective than trying to make massive changes

[26:55] Using Subtracting rather than Adding in your planning for the new year

[30:15] Clay talks about coaching, Warren Buffet’s 5/25 Rule & choosing your Top goals

[33:10] Sarah discusses how getting clear about our Top goals can help us say NO more effectively

[36:45] Sarah reveals her 3 focus words for 2019

[41:30] Happy Christmas Eve – Clay’s got a Xmas movie list! Do you?

[42:00] Lots of Xmas movie chat! What’s your favourite?

[50:40] Clay mentions the course he’s creating on goal setting…and a special accountability FB group in the making (want to hang out there with us??)

Happy Christmas Everyone!!

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