In this episode, we explore how our minds play with reality.

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[1:15] Sarah’s talks about the release of her new novel The Colour of Losa

[3:30] Clay contemplates his two lives — real world vs. Online

[5:30] Sarah reminds us it’s almost New Year’s Resolution time…!

[6:18] Sarah talks about Finishing Energy – how wrapping up a project (or a year!) requires something different than Starter Energy

[7:10] Clay asks Sarah about her time challenge

[10:03] Clay shares the current book he’s reading: How long is Now?

[11:15] Clay asks what is the primordial imagination?

[13:10] Clay talks about life being one big, elaborate dance with self.

[17:44] Clay describes his experience of walking down the street & “waking up to oneness”

[18:50] Sarah says we should use “life is all a dream” to your advantage this time of year!

[20:35] Clay shares his camel dream

[23:10] Clay shares how we can play with the mind in a conscious way

[25:02] Clay asks is there any danger to thinking “this is all a dream”?

[27:15] Sarah says “We are all One” is too fluffy for her.

[31:27] Sarah says this is all temporary…even life. And taking it all less seriously can help.

[36:10] Clay talks about waking up to big mind and shares some take-aways from How Long is Now?

[38:07] Clay says the playful mind is liberating & empowering

[40:10] Clay talks about waking up from our habits to be more conscious in your life

[44:02] Sarah shares this week’s challenge.

[46:45] Sarah reminds us to start thinking about our new year’s resolutions for next week’s podcast.

[47:26] Help us out! Share the podcast with one friend this week! Thanks so much, lovely folks!

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