In this episode, we explore the 5 literacies you need to survive in the 21st century. In part II we explore our relationship to time.

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[:10] Hi everyone, this is what we’ve been up to this week…

[1:05] Sarah talks about the release of her upcoming book The Colour of Losa next week

[2:00] We discuss influential teachers, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance & Clay’s love of history

[6:26] Clay asks How has digital culture affected the experience of learning

[7:00] Reflections on the development of online learning

[9:20] Clay talks about Social Learning & the book he’s been reading – Net Smart: how to thrive online

[11:00] Pay attention to what you pay attention to

[13:05] How you can use mental flexibility to make online algorithms work for you

[15:35] What is your Participation Power online?

[19:36] Taking advantage of collective intelligence

[20:25] Clay talks about how EU Article 13 will affect creators and online expression

[23:00] Why Mindfulness is so important while using social media

[28:11] Being Network Smart – the platforms you are on also have an agenda

[31:02] Our relationship with Time & why we feel we never seem to have enough of it

[31:19] Sarah’s talks The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks & how to live in Einstein Time

[33:58] Why thinking about Time as an Absolute constant is problematic – the remnants of Newtonian Time

[36:20] Taoist/Buddhism conceptions of Time – living in the Now

[38:05] Einstein Time – time is a relative and subjective experience

[41:25] How do we move out of a mentality of Time Scarcity?

[43:40] Sarah shares her Time challenge for the week

[50:30] Clay’s assessment clock time and the working day

[53:50] Clay shares his “All I can do is what I can do in a day” mantra

[56:45] Sarah asks What would happen if we pretended we were the source of time?

[1:02:40] Clay talks the problems with the “hustler mentality”

[1:10:05] Sarah & Clay set themselves new challenges for the week


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