This week we found ourselves wondering if it’s important to try or if it is better to let go and just go with the flow. To help us explore this, we delve into the Taoist concept of Wu Wei.

Audio Show Notes with clickable timestamps:

[:20] Clay and Sarah discuss the Preshow

[1:15] “set it free” and find that it comes back!

[3:38] Sarah’s questions the common phrases “Go with the Flow” vs. “Not following the herd”

[5:30] What if the way your life is “flowing” doesn’t feel so great?

[6:15] Clay introduces the Taoist idea of Wu Wei

[7:45] Happy Thanksgiving!

[9:50] Getting into the zone

[11:45] Misperceptions of Wu Wei

[12:20] The Stroop Test (name the colour, not the written word)

[12:50] Clay illustrates Wu Wei with the metaphors of the sailboat vs. Rowboat

[14:15] Using The Obstacle is the Way to work into the inevitable “rocks” in our flow

[15:10] Four Strategies to use Wu Wei

[16:32] “Just practice, all is coming…” Sarah brings in a little yoga

[21:01] Clay references Donnie Darko – letting your inner spirit guide you

[24:01] Clay talks about the importance of listening to your innate self

[25:00] Sarah reads a quote from Scholar Warrior as a Taoist take on our fractured lives

[29:04] Are we different people for different parts of our lives?

[30:59] The concept of ‘spiritual’ in Taoism applies to everything!

[36:27] How you can practice Wu Wei this week…

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