This week’s conversation at the Havana Cafe centers around intentionality and our continuing pursuit of happiness.

Hi, it’s Clay and Sarah  — We’re back in action this week at the Havana Cafe drinking coffee and discussing where life has taken us on our quest to find wisdom in the messy realities of life.

Audio Show Notes with clickable timestamps:

[:30] Clay explains why the podcast was on a break

[1:28] Sarah shares a little bit about how her brain works

[1:43] Sarah plugs the Death Cafe

[1:55] Clay explains why he didn’t make it to the Death Cafe

[2:28] Clay shares some info on a new project he and Sarah have been working on during the break called Way Seeking.

[3:38] Clay explains why it’s important for listeners to be more active engagers in the show.

[4:01] Sarah asks Clay to explain his current state of mind and his focus on being more intentional.

[5:35] Clay briefly explains the new direction The Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast is taking.

[7:03] Sarah talks about her struggle to stay in control of her time without feeling guilty

[7:22] The joyous sounds of the Havana Cafe

[8:42] Clay shares his thoughts on why we get distracted, especially by social media

[9:03] Clay asks the big question: ‘Why are we on social media?’

[12:08] Sarah ponders where she spends her time

[14:34] Clay explains his perspective on being more intentional

[16:16] Sarah shares a story about finding the Simon Sinek video – Start with Why 

[18:10] Clay wonders if some of the behavior with intentions is driven by ‘that’s what I’ve always done’ mentality

[19:25] Clay shares the top of the mountain story

[20:41] Clay goes into some of his findings on Personal Knowledge Management

[21:28] Clay asks ‘How do we know what we know?’

[23:05] Sarah says that if you don’t capture your why on paper, it’s easy to lose sight of it

[28:53] Clay explains the 4 pillars of meaning

[34:23] Sarah says everyone has to find a way of integrating all the aspects of their life

[37:45] Clay explains why making meaning for our individual lives is important

[41:58] Clay explains the importance of re-examing your paradigms of life



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