Month: June 2018

Episode 107: The Poetics of Space

This week we wax a bit lyrical about the poetics of space, the possibilities of feng shui, and what it means to ‘hold space’ for oneself and others.
In this episode:

Episode 106: Consciousness — what is it and does it have to come in human form?

This week we’re continuing our discussion of the films Ex Machina and Her, and adding on insights from the TV series Westworld and Humans, looking more closely at the question of Consciousness & Free Will.

Episode 105: What makes us human?

What makes us human? Is it consciousness? Is it our emotional complexity? Is it merely our physical body? Sometimes the only way to see through our biases in perception is to consider an alternative…an opposite.  This week we are discussing our big question in the context of two great films — Ex Machina & Her.

Episode 104: Rediscovering the Wild

This week Clay and Sarah reach for their cups of coffee and contemplate how and why we might rediscover the wild.