Month: May 2018

Episode 103: Language…instinct, technology or virus?

This week we use Burroughs’s famous quote “language is a virus from outer space” to contemplate language as instinct, technology or virus.

Episode 102: Hedonism – Mastering the Lost Art of Pleasure and Leisure

In this episode, we revisit the original idea of hedonism as ancient Greek philosophy that argued that pleasure and happiness are the primary or most important intrinsic goods and the aim of human life.


Episode 101: “Levelling up” in your Life

When the very things that once excited us now feel boring and repetitive…  When we’ve achieved our big goal but now feel as if we are stagnating and wanting more… When we’ve mastered a set of skills and feel a new call to adventure and change… Read More

Episode 100: What’s the Question That Drives You?

Hooray. We’ve made it to episode 100.  For this episode, we reached out to you, our listeners, to find out what their ultimate questions are.