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#115 Time and Attention

In this episode, we explore the 5 literacies you need to survive in the 21st century. In part II we explore our relationship to time.

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#114: Find your freedom

This week we explore the give and take of freedom. Are we really free and is the freedom we do have, balanced?

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#113: Effortless effort

This week we found ourselves wondering if it’s important to try or if it is better to let go and just go with the flow. To help us explore this, we delve into the Taoist concept of Wu Wei.

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#112: We were on a break!

This week’s conversation at the Havana Cafe centers around intentionality and our continuing pursuit of happiness. Hi, it’s Clay and Sarah  — We’re back in action this week at the Havana Cafe drinking coffee and discussing where life has taken us on our quest to find wisdom in the messy realities of life.

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Episode 109: Individual connections, culture & your life

This week we enjoyed a winding conversation about how individual connections spread cultural norms, and how different cultural groups shape our lives.

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Sarah Hunt


Independent author of The Boatman & The Oracle’s Tales | Writes on life journeys | Work & Creativity | Yoga & Buddhism

Clay Lowe


Lover of coffee and good conversation, I blog and write on learning in a networked world, learning technology, and positive psychology.

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