Season 2,

Episode 61: Navigating our own spiritual paths (part 1)

July 09, 2017

This week Clay and Sarah discuss why we embark on a spiritual journey and reflect on their own journeys up to this point.  From magick and mysticism to eastern philosophy, Native American wisdom and Celtic paganism to yoga and Buddhism we’ve collectively been through it all. Come listen in and hear what we’ve tried to take from each of these wisdom traditions.


In this episode we discuss:

* what is our spiritual side and why do we feel the need to reconnect to it?

* do we feel something is missing or is it that we long to understand something more?

* what initiated our individual spiritual journeys

* early experiences in Christianity

* Clay’s search through the realms of magick (in his quest to embody Gandolf or become a Jedi master – either would do!)

* Sarah’s reflections on the importance of Questions in finding a spiritual tradition that speaks to you


This has been a great conversation about our personal experiences searching within different wisdom traditions.  If you want to know more, you’ll have to come listen in!


(Coming up next week: part 2 where we discuss Clay’s perspective on mind/body/spirit balance, Sarah’s interest in Vedantic philosophy, and our different experiences with Buddhism…)

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