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    Season 2,
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    June 19, 2017
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    "To thine owe self be true." Hamlet's words have become famous because they resonate with so many of us. We are happiest when we feel we can truly be ourselves, and yet this often feels more complicated than it should. So what is an 'Authentic Life'? And what do we do when our need for Authenticity conflicts with our need for Social Acceptance and Belonging? In this episode, Clay and Sarah discuss aspects of authenticity and how it applies to the way we live our daily lives.

About Us

Sarah Beth Hunt

Writer/ Host

Independent author of The Boatman & The Oracle’s Tales | Writes on life journeys | Work & Creativity | Yoga & Buddhism

Clay Lowe

Podcaster / Host

Writing, podcasting and coaching are some of the things I do. I like books, cats, comics, tech and lifting heavy weights.

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